About Us

Reverie: a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream. 

This perfectly sums up the feeling when arranging the pieces of the Reverie Displays product. An art display diorama, unlike any other on the market- my way of sharing my creations with the world in a unique way, while also giving you the power to decide how it is set out and to personalise the display.

My name is Martin Brewer, and I have a long history of interests and involvements in art and design, from an education ranging across all areas of art and culminating in a degree in Graphic Design, to hobby businesses' like Paint & Smile, and Curiously Incidental Art & Design, I have now brought my previous works and experiences together to create something new and exciting.

I am an independent artist working from Carmarthen (Wales, UK) and after over a decade working in retail decided it was time to follow my passions and created this entirely new product. With Reverie Displays I get to paint, design, package and sell my own creations with an end result that everyone can enjoy.

Creating the product itself involves out-sourcing the manufacturing to two seperate companies before I combine the final product by hand, and of course the artwork itself is all my own work so the end result is a very personal, unique product.

Since the start of 2022, the cost of materials e.g. acrylic and production more than tripled, so I decided to redesign the product to be produced from card making it far more affordable, opening up new design options and taking the displays closer to the hand crafted category. I now use a local printers for the art reproduction, rather than having to order from outside of Wales, so I feel more connected to the local network. The original acrylic designs have all been added to the range, and new ones are joining them.